Tips For Setting Up The Most Convenient And Productive Remote Construction Site


Working on a construction site in an area that is far from stores and other places for public access can be challenging and hard on workers, especially when they need to use the rest room or get a bite to eat. Setting up your construction site so you and workers will have an easier time working on it is a good idea. By having everything you need on-site, you have greater chances of completing your project ahead of deadline.

26 July 2016

How To Clean Up The Area Around Your Septic Tank Opening After A Septic Tank Pumping


Septic tank pumpings are necessary to the proper operation of your septic tank. Although many precautions are taken to ensure that the area surrounding your septic tank and/or septic tank opening are waste contaminant-free after a pumping, there may still be a few times where something leaks or squirts free. When that happens, you can do one or more of the following to keep this area in your yard sanitized and safe for everyone.

25 January 2016

Safe Alternatives To Illegal Waste Dumping


Illegal dumping of bulky waste is a serious act that some people do to get rid of unwanted waste. Sometimes it is done to avoid paying the cost of waste removal services, and other times it is the result of ignorance. In some states, illegal dumping is a felonious offense. This is why you should consider using some of the following alternatives, which can keep you out of trouble and protect the environment.

8 January 2016

Building Projects On Rural Land? Check The Septic Tank First


Many rural residents may not be aware of old septic tank materials left over from previous owners, or even the extent of their existing septic service. When it's time to build a swing set, garage, storage room or driveway, putting down a few boards or foundation too close to the septic tank area could end in slow, disgusting disaster. Take a look at what could go wrong with construction on septic tank area and how a team of professionals can help you make your project work better.

30 December 2015

Questions Answered For Those Considering Stamped Concrete


Do you have a patio or driveway that needs a facelift? If so, stamped concrete could be the answer. This decorative finish adds a permanent design to the concrete. It allows you to make a plain expanse of concrete look like paving stones or brickwork, or you can opt for a custom design. The following guide can help answer some of your questions about the process. Can stamped concrete be used on existing concrete?

29 December 2015

Tips For Cleaning Out A House Full Of Hoarded Items


Have you recently inherited a house that is full of an eclectic assortment of stuff? Are you wondering how you can ever get it cleaned out so that you can move in or sell it? If the previous occupant was a bit of a hoarder, making the house habitable again can seem difficult. Here are some tips on how to make the most of the cleanup process: Get dumpsters: Arrange for the rental of at least one or two dumpsters.

24 December 2015

Hire A Good Septic Company To Get Your New Septic System Installed Correctly


If you are building a house that is going to be out in the country and away from a municipal sewer system, you are going to want to make sure that you have a way to get rid of any waste water. That way is typically through a septic system. You may be unfamiliar with what it takes for a septic system to be installed at your house.  Interior Plumbing

10 December 2015

5 Ways To Lengthen The Time In-Between Septic Tank Servicing


For homes that are not hooked up to city water and waste removal, a septic tank may be the only practical option for disposing of waste safely. If you are new to using a septic system and are unsure about the maintenance involved, it is recommended that you get familiar with what you can do in between professional servicing. With the right care, you will be able to extend the lifespan of the septic system and avoid expensive repairs.

9 December 2015

Considerations To Keep In Mind When Buying A House: Tips For You


When you are in the process of looking for your first house, you may find yourself overwhelmed with all of the different options and features that you will need to pay attention to in order to find the right home for you and your loved ones. As you look at a seemingly endless string of houses that vary in square footage, number of rooms, and the like, you may find yourself not paying attention to some of the important details that can dramatically affect your experience in your potential new home.

9 December 2015

Septic System Maintenance: Think Beyond The Tank


There's a lot more to your septic system and its maintenance than the tank alone, even if that is where the system's primary functions take place. If you're looking at long-term maintenance of the entire system you have to look beyond the tank and consider the system's drainage field. Protecting the entire system will ensure that it lasts longer and your total maintenance cost is kept down over the course of the system's functional lifespan.

8 December 2015