Tips For Setting Up The Most Convenient And Productive Remote Construction Site


Working on a construction site in an area that is far from stores and other places for public access can be challenging and hard on workers, especially when they need to use the rest room or get a bite to eat. Setting up your construction site so you and workers will have an easier time working on it is a good idea. By having everything you need on-site, you have greater chances of completing your project ahead of deadline.

The Tree In The Woods Does Not Count

If you have been in construction for a good while, you may have had to use the restroom in the woods near the site you were working at. However, if you have to be on-site for a few months, the big tree in the woods doesn't take the place of an actual toilet, especially when it is cold outside. Renting portable toilets for your construction site is the best way to go and it makes it more comfortable for you and your workers when the urge to go strikes. Portable toilets will also help you and your workers avoid catching poison ivy or getting snake bitten while in the woods looking for a private place to go.

Fresh Food Storage Is Vital

Setting up a few recreational vehicles on site is a good idea, not only for a warm, dry place to sleep and take a shower, but to also use for storing food. Also, most RVs have toilets, but if your crew is large, a few RV toilets will not suffice, so renting portable toilets is still the best way to go. However, if you are out far enough that hooking up an RV to a power source is impossible, it is time to call in the big generators. Choosing generators that are able to handle the load of an RV is an important consideration. Planning ahead for the placement of fuel storage tanks is another important factor to think about as well. If you know ahead of time your site will be in a remote area, contacting professionals about renting large generators and fuel tanks is a good idea.

Taking The Trash Out Has All New Meaning

When you and your workers collect trash from food preparations while working on a remote site, you will need to take precautions when tossing it out. The last thing you need while working out in the middle of an underpopulated area is an animal attack on one of your workers. Bears love the food stuff you and your workers may throw out, so placing it in a secure dumpster is best. You can rent dumpsters for both food waste and the waste you create from your work like wood or concrete pieces. You can also arrange for your dumpsters to be picked up on a regular schedule so the ones with food waste do not begin to stink up the entire site.

Working in a remote area can be a challenging and memorable experience. By taking the time to plan ahead for your site to be sustaining, you and workers can enjoy the time being away from the world for a while.


26 July 2016

Cleaning Up the Property: Renting a Dumpster

Before I got a great deal on a house that needed some work, it never occurred to me that individuals could rent dumpsters. It did not take me long to find out that many sanitation services would rent units to homeowners. I was even able to hire a team that helped me get rid of the broken furniture and the old car that was rusting in the front yard. If you have never thought about renting a dumpster for things like cleaning out the attic, let's talk. After you know how easy the process happens to be, I'm betting you'll rent one for your next project.