How To Clean Up The Area Around Your Septic Tank Opening After A Septic Tank Pumping


Septic tank pumpings are necessary to the proper operation of your septic tank. Although many precautions are taken to ensure that the area surrounding your septic tank and/or septic tank opening are waste contaminant-free after a pumping, there may still be a few times where something leaks or squirts free. When that happens, you can do one or more of the following to keep this area in your yard sanitized and safe for everyone.

Cleanup When Your Tank Is Above Ground

Since a tank pumping above ground requires that the pump hose connect to the top or underside of the tank, there may be some "dribbles" of unpleasantness down the sides of the tank or around the opening on the bottom of the tank. Having your tank above ground does make sanitation in this situation easier. You can use bleach and pour it out all around the opening when it is located at the top of the tank. The bleach will dribble and run down in the same directions as any leakage, thereby killing any harmful bacteria. If the slight bit of leakage that sometimes occurs surrounds the bottom pump port of an above-ground tank, don gloves and saturate shop towels with bleach before wiping away any remnants of the recent pumpout.

Cleanup When Your Tank Is Below Ground

The opening for most below-ground septic tanks is akin to the opening of a well, only smaller. Your technician will make sure that the pump hose is adequately secured to the opening, but there might be a little drippage when the hose is removed. If you have a pressure washer, fill it with hot water and an industrial sanitizer that is safe for septic systems. Then blast the drippage back into the septic opening by working your way around the opening, moving in a circle, as you spray slowly from side to side. This pushes anything that might have escaped the pump hose back into the septic tank's opening and down into the septic tank via the pipe from ground level to the tank underground.

A Word about "Green" Cleanup

If you would rather avoid bleach and other harsh chemicals, there are a couple of "green" methods approved for safe ecological use. Natural microbe sprays that "eat" and destroy waste and the bacteria and viruses in the waste are available for purchase. Otherwise, using a pressure washer with extremely hot water is also effective and acceptable. Either of these "green" methods can be used with tanks above and below ground.

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25 January 2016

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