Safe Alternatives To Illegal Waste Dumping


Illegal dumping of bulky waste is a serious act that some people do to get rid of unwanted waste. Sometimes it is done to avoid paying the cost of waste removal services, and other times it is the result of ignorance. In some states, illegal dumping is a felonious offense. This is why you should consider using some of the following alternatives, which can keep you out of trouble and protect the environment. 

Give it Away

Perhaps you are thinking that the bulky waste you have is not something that someone else can use. There are people who willingly take excess junk and find a good use for it. For example, leftover scraps from a remodeling project might seem like junk to you, but there is a market for these items to be used to make abstract art. Rather than dumping materials, consider placing them on a site advertising them for free. 


Some bulky items may have portions of them that can be broken down and recycled. For example, mattresses and furniture are types of bulk waste that are dumped. Removing the fabric and filling materials of these items would expose wood, plastic, and metal portions. These portions can be recycled resulting in less waste that needs to be thrown away. 

Dumpster Rentals

If you have various types of bulky materials, it may be best to rent a dumpster. This would allow you to place a variety of solid wastes into one receptacle. The company that owns the dumpsters will drop them off and retrieve them.  They will also separate the bulky waste you put into the containers. Some companies recycle the portions that can be recycled. If recycling is a concern, inquire with the company about their recycling practices prior to choosing them as your provider. If you rent a dumpster, ensure you review the list of items that cannot be put into the dumpsters. This will ensure that you are not fined for misuse.

Junk Removal Service

Perhaps you simply do not have the time to properly dispose of waste. Hiring a junk removal service (such as Western Disposal) will aid in ensuring that all of the bulky waste you want to get rid of is removed. They will also take care of making sure that the junk is disposed of correctly. Under this type of situation, your waste may go to several different places in an effort to reduce the amount of bulky waste that actually enters landfills. For example, if you had a couch that was in decent condition, it might be donated to a charity. Recyclable materials would likely go to the appropriate facilities. Trash would be taken to the landfill. 

Extra Fee Trash Service

Your city's sanitation service may also offer trash pick-ups of solid waste for an additional fee. Inquire with them to determine how the process is arranged and billed. For example, they may request that you put items at the curb for pick-up, and they may charge a flat fee or a fee based upon types of solid waste or the total weight. Do not put items at the curb without being told to do so because in some jurisdictions this may be viewed as a type of waste dumping, and you could be fined.


8 January 2016

Cleaning Up the Property: Renting a Dumpster

Before I got a great deal on a house that needed some work, it never occurred to me that individuals could rent dumpsters. It did not take me long to find out that many sanitation services would rent units to homeowners. I was even able to hire a team that helped me get rid of the broken furniture and the old car that was rusting in the front yard. If you have never thought about renting a dumpster for things like cleaning out the attic, let's talk. After you know how easy the process happens to be, I'm betting you'll rent one for your next project.