Building Projects On Rural Land? Check The Septic Tank First


Many rural residents may not be aware of old septic tank materials left over from previous owners, or even the extent of their existing septic service. When it's time to build a swing set, garage, storage room or driveway, putting down a few boards or foundation too close to the septic tank area could end in slow, disgusting disaster. Take a look at what could go wrong with construction on septic tank area and how a team of professionals can help you make your project work better.

Moisture, Sinking And Bad Building Support

When a septic tank is installed, the nearby soil is replaced with a mixture of gravel, proprietary soil mixtures and other absorbent materials to create a leach field or drain field. Due to the composition of the leach field, the ground is very soft and holds moisture for longer periods of time.

Septic tanks can store heat due to the waste being moved out of the home, which can create a moist environment of condensation. A few leaks can begin to creep across parts of the septic tank after decades, which can add to the moisture at very low levels.

This moist, mixed material is not the best land to build on. Although some may assume that it's common sense to avoid the leach field, leach fields are not always obvious until you've stood on it for a while or put something heavy on it. Some leach fields are more moist than others, meaning that you may have a more vibrant patch of land instead of a muddy, slick area of the yard the seems fine for anything.

If you build on a leach field, the building will slowly sink into the ground. It may not sink completely to the bottom of a leach field, but it's not uncommon for corners of a building or posts of a swing to sink down, or for the concrete of a driveway to sink below the ground once cars have put enough pressure on top for a while.

You May Need An Inspection, Removal Or Replacement

If you didn't put the septic tank there and you don't know how long it's been there, contact a septic tank repair service. The experienced technicians can find the leach field area and work towards giving you a bit more land to build on.

You may be able to upgrade to a more advanced septic tank that takes up less space and requires a smaller leach field. Depending on how long ago the septic tank was installed, you may even have a rural waste treatment area by now and can get connected, removing the need for a leach field.

Don't go trying to excavate the septic tank yourself. In the least terrible scenario, you'll still have some leach field aggregate in your property and won't have a fully stable swath of land. At worst case, you could rupture the septic tank and cause a leak that requires contacting the Environmental Protection Agency and may carry considerable fines--an issue that's far from rare when old septic systems deteriorate or newer systems become clogged.

Contact a septic tank repair professional like Mr Bob for removal, upgrades and new soil compacting if you plan on building on rural land, just to be on the safe side.


30 December 2015

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